Because I don’t have enough on my plate . . .

I’m starting marathon training.

Now, don’t get all excited. I don’t actually have any plans to run a marathon in the near future. I simply need some goals and a structure for building my strength and endurance.

I used to run seven miles a day, five or six days a week. It was hell on my joints, and I eventually gave up. But then I discovered barefoot running, and have dabbled in running on and off ever since, without any joint pain. (Warning: You HAVE to work on your stride before you can go back to, or begin, a running regimen with barefoot running).

When I working on revisions for my book, I knew I needed to get more serious about exercise. Writing is a very sedentary activity. I also tend to get the munchies when I’m working on a particularly difficult scene and my brain starts concocting avoidance techniques that usually involve things like chocolate, Sharkies, red bean and rice chips, and peanut butter chocolate soy “ice cream”. So, now, more than ever, I need to keep my health and activity levels in check. I also find that running does wonders for my mental health. It’s a great way to clear my head and boost my mood.

J came across a marathon training schedule, and I decided to jump in and give it a go. I’m in week one. I don’t know that I’m concerned with graduating past the build-up schedule. I think that’s something I’ll determine when I hit week 19. But I’m loving the idea of being able to run ten miles without dying, and I think that’s a reasonable and healthy fitness goal.

Anyone want to join me?


  1. That’s great! Unfortunately, running is something I just cannot get into. I envy people who just love to get out there and run several miles, but it bores me to tears.

  2. Jealous.

  3. My son and I went to watch hubby run a 5k last weekend, and the guy that came in second was barefoot. That looks painful to me.

  4. Oh good for you. I am not up for running those sort of distances. I like to run but 5 miles is perfect for me.

    I have given up on the barefoot shoes – I use them for walking around now but am too scared to risk injury to use them for running. I tried again in Australia and could feel a twinge in my tendon so gave up. But they did feel good. And I love them.

  5. Cool! You should really find a marathon or half marathon somewhere nearby that fits your schedule. That way, you’ll have a concrete goal and a deadline to shoot for, one more weapon against the allure of peanut butter chocolate “ice cream.”

    I began training for a marathon once, too. I decided that kind of distance just wasn’t good for my joints, so now I’m happy keeping my runs to less than four miles with higher intensity. I’ve always seen running as training for mountains, though, so I figure it would be stupid to ruin my knees just to run down a paved road.

    (That last bit wasn’t intended as discouragement; just my own personal verdict on running.)

  6. the temptation to join you is killing me…don’t tell xian but I’m gonna think about it anyway.

  7. Running barefoot? Never heard of it! The again, I never run ;)

  8. I’m right there with you as far as the writing-exercise thing goes. I HAVE to exercise more this time of the year when my writing schedule is more office-oriented and less out-in-the-world oriented.

    I just might take you up on your request to join in the fun. I definitely DO NOT want to run a marathon, but it would be interesting to see how far I could make it in the training.

  9. Maybe once I get my cast off and can put weight on my ankle? I’ve always thought running would be a good way to work out what’s rambling around in my head.

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