Back to Work

I didn’t mean to drop my big news and then disappear from this blog for a week. Honestly, I’ve just been overwhelmed (in a very very very good way) with all of this and haven’t been able to think of anything to say (aside from thank you – your kind comments mean so much to me!).

So, all of a sudden, my entire life has changed, except it hasn’t. When it all boils down, it’s still about the work. It’s still about crafting the best story I can, staying true to my characters, and putting the time in.

I’m putting aside my folk singer project for a few weeks while I take a stab at my editor’s suggestions for STAY. She has such amazing ideas and I’m so excited to be working with her. Plus, now I can start conversations with, “So, I was talking with my editor the other day . . . ”

I promise I’ll be back later this week with a more interesting post, but for now, it’s time to pull a Mr. Rogers, put my writing sweater on, and get to work.


  1. You’ve hit the big time!

  2. I can tell you’re going to let this all go to your head and start every post from now on with “So, I was talking with my editor…”

    Am I right?

    I’m going to let it go to my head as well. I’ll be starting conversations with: “So, I know this author from the internet…”

  3. Ypur book sounds WONDERFUL!
    Keep in touch.
    I had a novel published years ago The Three Graces by Elizabeth Wix (Soho Press).
    It is a thrill to be published.Congratulations.

  4. You made me smile. It’s wonderful to see everything taking off for you like that after all those hours you spent alone working on the book. Brilliant.

    You bask in it – mention your editor as often as you like. Your readers will make sure your head does not grow too big – not that it would, I am sure.

    But don’t disappear!

  5. I’m waiting for you to start saying, “So I was talking with my publicist the other day” :)

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