Argo hates being left out.

Don’t we all, though?

This is what happens when J goes outside to do yard work without Argo. We try to take him with us while we weed and garden as much as possible, but when it’s too hot, or we have to rake or wheel anything (he’s a tire biter and thinks rakes are really big dog toys), Argo stays in (and throws a little tantrum). Poor pup!


  1. Its so sad and yet makes me giggle too…dogs are so funny. Luna, my border collie, hates if you dance in the house. She will jump up and nip you in the stomach if you keep doing it. I don’t know what she has against dancing but I have to put her outside if I plan to shake my booty. Great post Allie!

  2. I know! It is sad! Until I remember that J will be outside for all of 30 minutes and Argo gets lots of yard time and oodles of attention. But he acts like J is never coming back. It is so funny the things they get upset about!

  3. Poooooor Argo! (I was kind of shocked that my dogs didn’t stir when I played that very loudly on my computer — usually they want to know where the other dog is!)

  4. Also … whenever we take one of the dogs somewhere (like to the vet), the one left behind is inconsolable and mopey. It’s sad but kind of cute.

  5. Poor Argo! It’s like he’s throwing a little temper tantrum.

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