I’m over at The Divining Wand today, talking about my favorite songs, burp-talking, and Jello-phobia. Check it out!

Argo has been chewing at a spot on his leg where he had a cyst. The cyst is totally benign, and it was getting better, but he will not leave it alone (which is not uncommon behavior for German Shepherds – they’re a little obsessive sometimes). And since “It won’t get better if you keep picking at it,” makes little sense to a dog we resorted to putting the e-collar on him.

Unfortunately, Argo in an e-collar strikes fear in the heart of Stella even more than cardboard boxes do, so our household has been a little off-kilter lately. Argo in an e-collar also strikes weird little bruises into the backs of my legs and makes a tremendous amount of noise when he runs around the house banging it into walls (I swear he likes the sound).
So, I discovered this odd inner-tube like contraption at the pet store. It was fantastic. Stella wasn’t afraid of it. Argo didn’t mind wearing it, he actually seemed to enjoy the benefits of wearing a travel pillow everywhere he went.

It didn’t make noise, and it didn’t hurt when he rammed it into the backs of my legs. Plus, it was just plain funny. He looked like he was about to go on a sailing excursion.
But, being the brilliant dog he is, Argo figured out that if he scratched at his inner tube until the seam was below his neck, he could pry it apart a bit and manage to lick the spot on his leg. So, we’re back to the e-collar. . . I hear weird leg bruises are totally in style this summer. :)


  1. Those pictures are darling!

    On the topic of sounds our animals like: my horse has a love/hate relationship with shoes. She hates the process of putting on shoes. She hates the added weight of shoes. However, if you lead her out onto concrete, the sound of her steel toes clip-clopping will cause the light in her eyes to dance. A few strides later she’s doing the Irish jig for her own amusement.

  2. I swear I’m not laughing AT Argo, but why are animals with collar so grin-inducing? Poor guy.

    Loved the interview!

  3. I remember when we had e collars for our pets when they were spayed. With the cats it wasn’t an issue with running into your legs but trying to curl up on you and getting their face close to your face would result in e collar to the throat.

    We had a small dog that when she was spayed the top of her e collar would hit right below your knees when she would walk/run into you. It was killer.

    I think I might have to get one of these for my cat. We had to put her on prozac for her diagnosed “psychogenic alopecia” basically she chews the fur off her whole underside. Think it’s mostly stress related but she does it ALL the time and really not sure what stress she has. The prozac stopped working after 3 months and she was a zombie while on it too. She’s off it now and “happy” but bald. I think I might just have to put her in a collar let fur grow back and perhaps stop the cycle. I am hesitant to do it but think one of these softer collars might work better. She’ll still be able to fit under the bed at least and in the litter box.

  4. That is hilariously adorable. I may just get Lucydog one of those for the fun of it.

  5. How cute! And as a bonus, he’ll have a life jacket in case you take him swimming!

  6. Haha, he does look totally comfortable, doesn’t he?

  7. OMG that is hysterical!

  8. I Smiled! I Snickered! I laughed until I peed!

    (Not a review of Stay, but rather my reaction to Argo’s Travel Pillow)

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