3Ws – Miriam Speyer

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What do you create?

Mainly songs and drawings.
I also try to recreate myself on an as-needed basis.


Why do you create?

I create because it makes me feel good.
It eases my mind and brings me joy.
I feel natural and free and close-to-harmless when I’m making music or drawing. It’s great!


What do you consume?

You know what it is with consuming things?….
I feel like I’m in this strange kind of obstacle course at all times. The idea is to consume things and ideas that are good for me and lift me up and strengthen me, and NOT consume things and ideas that are ill and soul-sucking and erode my self esteem. There are so many strange agendas and advertisements being forced into our faces at all times… Especially living in a big city. Sometimes all I want to do is run away into nature where I don’t have to see and hear ten thousand things at the same time!

I love consuming the company of my beautiful, hilarious friends.
Eating food with them and creating amazing art together.



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