3Ws – Miranda Sajdak

Miranda Sajdak Headshot 1 with fence

What do you create?

I create movies, mostly. And scripts for TV and movies. Pretty much anything to do with the film and TV industries, I’ve probably had a hand in creating at some point, ranging from reality TV to feature films. Anything that allows me to tell stories for the screen.


Why do you create?

Great question, but this one is a little harder to verbalize. It almost feels too easy to say “because I couldn’t do anything else,” but every time I’ve had that moment of “what if I did this other, easier job?” I’m somehow pulled back to entertainment. After a certain amount of time invested, it’s not really a choice anymore – it becomes a compulsion. So, to fully answer the question, I create, because I couldn’t do anything else.


What do you consume?

Too much TV – mostly from the UK or Denmark. Films, usually with a female lead or major character. Food – I’m a foodie, so all kinds. Ideas – whether from something I’ve read or heard or seen. And writing: books, scripts, plays. Tons of writing.



GoFundMe:  gofundme.com/MirandaDirects – currently fundraising for my next directing project, a diverse action film with a great cast.

Snapshot – Final Version from Miranda Sajdak on Vimeo.

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