3Ws – Karen B. Winnick


What do you create?

I create stories and pictures for children bound together in picture books I hope they’ll read and love.




Why do you create?

More than anything it keeps the child in me alive. Sometimes, in fact, I can’t find the adult! Looking at the world through a child’s eyes, I feel wonderment at nature, animals and so much else. I love children, books, art, animals and history. And my picture books connect me with all of these.




What do you consume?

Nuts! When I don’t want to stop working, a cup of unsalted mixed nuts fuel me for a good few hours of work without a break. Mugs of coffee in the morning and often an apple, too.
Oh, and with a scissors I cut up magazines, newspapers, anything with photos or stories that fuel an idea, a thought or image. They’re all stuffed in an ever- expanding file I use all the time. I guess that’s a form of consumption.




Website: KarenBWinnick.com 
Instagram: @KarenBWinnick
Pinterest: @KarenBWinnick
Buy the Book: http://bit.ly/KBWGNBA


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