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What do you create?

sounds and images

I sing with my husband Forest Sun. We do an ongoing live music series called the Porch Sessions. Here’s a song we recorded in Tulsa, OK with our friend Jesse Aycock playing dobro.

I’ve just made my first short film! “All Sales Final” is debuting at the Asheville Cinema Festival in November. I wrote and directed the film and composed and played the original score. I love photography, playing the piano, singing and I’m learning the cello. I love to cook, I like long walks on the beach and quiet candlelight dinners.

Why do you create?

Creation for me is that which connects me to everyone else, to the universal stories that bind us together as humanity and to my own soul and purpose. I see it as the path between darkness and light, between the shadows and the daylight.

I’ve been singing since I was about two. Every weekend, my parents and I would take these long, smelly bus rides to my grandma’s house. As I was always getting car-sick, my dad would tell me that if I sang, I’d feel better. And sing I did and haven’t stopped since.

When I was six, I moved from the little village where I was born to the communist blocks in the city of Cluj Napoca. My only friend was a baby grand piano that had to be hand carried up the stairs to our 8th floor tiny apartment. I used to lay under the piano and make up stories to which I would compose soundtracks.

What do you consume?

There’s always a book I’m into, whether it’s a novel, a plant encyclopedia or an architectural book.
I’m a lot more forgiving of books than I am of movies, music or visual art.

When it comes to film, I love humor; good clean humor, superheroes, surrealism, beauty and no nonsense. It usually takes a little more motivation to watch something intense but when it’s good, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

On the menu: Art exhibits on a Friday evening, a live jazz show a block away, someone’s personal story, people watching, listening to life, remembering and dreaming.

ASF Poster.laurels

All Sales Final” is the first public incarnation resulting from the marriage of my music and story-telling. A black & white short film about hopelessness, love and redemption with a dash of humor. We’re very delighted to have just been selected by Asheville Cinema Festival, North Carolina.



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  1. Ingrid, you made a film. That’s so exciting! I’d love to be able to see that. Kudos!

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