3Ws – Forest Sun


What do you create?

I write songs with words, chords, rhythm, and melodies. I sing those songs and make them into records. I paint on paper and canvas. I snap photos and share them. I write poems on scraps of paper and in spiral notebooks. I chop, dice, grill, bake, stir and delight in cooking extravagant feasts (and eating them, see the third W below).

I make movies and music videos with my wife Ingrid Serban. See her 3w’s right here on Allie’s blog for more about that. We run our indie label Painted Sun Records together, too.

Here’s a video of my tune “Morningbird” we just filmed live on our roof for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. That’s Ingrid lending her sweet harmonies and Alisa Rose playing violin.

You can hear us live via the interweb from anywhere in the world on valentines day via stageit.com. Join us here:


Why do you create?

I have to create or I get cranky. Being creative helps me feel alive and a part of the ever-spinning world and expanding universe. When I’m not creating I feel like a spectator standing against the wall of the junior high school dance.


What do you consume?

I breath a lot of air. I drink water and soak up sunshine. I consume hours and days and years and sometimes they consume me. I ruminate on my own thoughts. On my bedside reading table: Tom Robbins and Pablo Neruda. On my time table: farmers market and swimming. On my turntable: Bessie Smith and Leon Redbone. On my plate: gluten free pancakes and scrambled eggs and bacon.




  1. Sandie Zucker Miller says

    Just beautiful!

  2. I first discovered Forest Sun because every time they came up on my Pandora station, I liked the song. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Funny to see them here as I am about to submit my own 3W’s.

  3. I am obsessed with this band! So happy to stumble upon this as I was writing my own 3Ws for Allie.

  4. Thank you, Sandie!
    Thank you, Jan!
    and of course, thank you, Allie!

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