3Ws – Elizabeth Rosner


What do you create?

I say this with sincere humility: I aim to create beauty and truth. Which is to say, stories of tragedy and hope, loss and redemption; images of the infinite human longing to connect; silences to acknowledge what cannot be named. My prose and my poetry are sometimes indistinguishable from one another, and in my view that’s a good thing.

Why do you create?

To quote myself (from a poem called “What Matters” from GRAVITY):

I wanted to make something out of nothing,

out of air, words.

The simple truth is that I’ve always felt compelled to express myself artistically — and in nearly every form. At one time or another throughout my life, I’ve at least dabbled with being a dancer, singer, actor, painter, musician. I suppose you could say that eventually I realized writing is my home planet, the place I feel able to be most fully myself. Mind, heart, body and soul.

What do you consume?

I’m greedy for the natural world in its purest sense. Bluegreen water, salt or fresh; beaches and mountains and deserts. Language of many kinds including independent films and live music. Also, lots of green plants! If I could photosynthesize, I would.



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