3Ws – David Bell


What do you create?

I write suspense novels about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. My goal is to write one of those books that the reader devours late into the night saying, “Even though I have to get up early and go to work, I’m going to read one more chapter.” I’d take it as a huge compliment if my books contributed to reduced productivity in the American workforce.


Why do you create?

A lot of reasons. Because I like to do it mainly. I have a low tolerance for doing things I don’t like, so if I didn’t really like to write I wouldn’t. I enjoy the whole process of creating a book from start to finish. And I really, really enjoy hearing from readers. I believe the book isn’t complete until it enters the reader’s mind, so I really need those readers to “finish” the book for me. I also do it because I’m really not good at anything else. I don’t have any other marketable skills, so I better make this work.


What do you consume?

On the plus side: almonds, apples, books. And beer. (That’s good in moderation, right? I think my doctor told me that once.) On the negative side: Too much sugar in my tea. Too much news. (Lord, aren’t we all consuming too much news?) Too many stories about my favorite baseball team, The Cincinnati Reds. (They’re bad, so it hurts to read about them, but I keep doing it.) Too many YouTube clips of comedians and 80s New Wave music. (I came of age in the 80s, so my musical tastes stopped progressing there.) Too much social media. (I wish I could moderate my consumption of the internet as well as I moderate my consumption of beer.)




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