3Ws – Caroline Angell


What do you create?

As a writer and a director, I do my best to create characters by fully exploring the complexity of their emotional lives. My favorite living writer is Elizabeth Strout; I had the chance to hear her speak recently, and she talked about how fiction offers an opportunity to extend our empathy. I agree, and my goal is to create a world to explore my own “what if,” and provide a chance for a reader (or a viewer) to say “what would I do if…?”

Also, I like to create silly, rhyming songs for kids. Just, like, in my regular life. I never write them down, though, because they’re rarely funny to anyone except me and the kid.



Why do you create?

I’m an avid reader, and one of my favorite feelings is to be completely sucked into someone else’s world. When I read something that gives voice to a feeling I’ve had and maybe not had my own words for or understood fully, it makes me feel connected. It helps me understand myself better. It makes me want to try and understand the people around me better. I think a large part of the reason that I write is to be part of that circle; to explore the things that cross my mind, that I wrestle with, in the hope that someone else might feel connected by my words.



What do you consume?

Old episodes of Friends. Quality time with people I love. Fiction, especially by lady writers. Matzoh ball soup from the 2nd Avenue Deli (I’m pretty sure I’m keeping them in business). Lots of caffeine, in many forms. And libraries. I might actually be addicted to libraries.




  1. Love this, ladies!

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