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3Ws – Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke


What do you create?

Women’s fiction with a side of magical realism. Although we are taking a slight left turn with what we are writing next—women’s fiction with a healthy dose of suspense!


Why do you create?

For as long as we can remember, we’ve had stories knocking around in our heads—ideas, insight, antidotes we want to share. It’s a release to get our plots down on paper, to craft characters and dig deep into our imaginations; to channel real-life observations and experiences into fictional dilemmas. We create because we can’t not create.


What do you consume?

What don’t we consume? ☺
Wine. Kale. Carbs. Books. Avocado. More books. Water with lemon and no ice. Music. Did we mention books?



3Ws – Vicki Abelson

Headshot Vicki Abelson 2_Carlos Alejandro Photography

What do you create?

I make great humans. Two to be exact. One male, one female. And, interestingly, they’re incredibly superior to the sum of my parts.

I create chaos on occasion. I try to minimize it as I mature (coughs) or, rather, channel it for good. In my work.

I create nothing much of value with my hands, other than the words I type. And, potato latkes, chicken soup and parm, and the meanest brownies, anywhere. I swear.

I can’t sculpt, paint or draw… I can’t even read my own handwriting… but, I do express my thoughts and feelings with uncensored abandon to the horror of director Henry Jaglom, my mother, and oft, my publisher, Lawrence O’Flahavan.

I wrote a book. A novel. It began, 13 years ago as a rant, at a time of great pain and challenge… and, I just… kept writing. Don’t Jump launches next week after more ups and downs than all the Kardashians put together. Not the work… the business of the work.

I also write little bits-o-snark for The Huffington Post, and, about addiction and recovery for The Fix, and, about healing and celebrity for Reimagine.

Mainly, I create a lotta shit for the Facebook. It’s my favorite venue for expressing myself. Instant connection and gratification. What more could a needy blowhard narcissist want?


Why do you create?

I create because I have to. Excuse me whilst I go throw up. I have little patience and compassion for artists who take themselves “seriously” (judgey).

I create because I choose to. Out of need. Yes. I need to. Is that any different than “have to?” Oh lord, I’m one of the artists I disdain.

I create because I have something to say. A lot to say. And, I want you to hear it. Read it. Digest it. Think about it. Feel about it. Talk to me about it. Care about it. Care about me. Love me. Because, ultimately, that’s what I seek. Your love. Everyone’s love. I have a whorish need for it. And for acceptance. Validation for my… being. And, when I get lucky… you think I’m smart, or funny, or clever, or intuitive, or insightful, compassionate and sensitive… and when I’m really lucky––all of the above. *

*See Don’t Jump (Blowhard narcissist).


What do you consume?

I consume too much, too soon, too often. I’m an addict. And even though I’m in recovery, and work those damn Steps, A Course of Miracles, Deepak and Oprah, therapy, and any other spiritual path my feet find which leads to love––I still have the “ism.” If something’s good, I want more and I want it now. Most days that includes yakking on the phone, a quest for love, iced coffee, with no fat/no sugar hazelnut creamer, so I can justify Cheetos or some other salty, nasty thing, The Voice––if it’s Monday or Tuesday, spending time with my kids, and The Facebook. In massive daily dose. I host a celebrity-driven literary salon—Women Who Write—in my home, so, yeah, I read. I squeeze it in between posts. When someone speaks to me, really speaks to me, I won’t put it down till I’m done… or pass out. Whichever comes second.



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 Don't Jump Cover


3Ws – Catherine McKenzie


What do you create?

Books, mostly. Which is funny to me, because growing up, I couldn’t even write a poem that was longer than a page or two. That’s what I used to write, poems. But about ten years ago, I had an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. I wasn’t sure what it was—a short story? A thinly veiled memoir? Just something I had to write down? After I had about 20,000 words, I decided to see if I could turn it into a novel. Although I’ve read consistently my whole life, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. How many words? Was I capable of the feats of imagination required? Could I write something about someone other than me? I worked through those things, wrote 90,000 words or so and then put it in a drawer. It wasn’t a novel, not really, but I thought I could see how to write one. So I tried again. That 2nd try became Arranged (my second novel to be published). So now, I create books. And once in a blue moon, I write a poem.


Why do you create?

That thing above where I wrote about a story that wouldn’t leave me alone? That pretty much sums it up. The act of writing my first novel opened something up in me. And now, there are other people’s stories up in my head all the time. The only way I can keep them at bay—and keep touch with the real world—is to write them down. That all sounds a little crazy. But perhaps a touch of madness isn’t a bad thing.


What do you consume?

Cheese Pringles. Or really chips of any variety. Do not leave me around chips. Also television shows, documentaries, and lots and lots of books. I’d like to think I consume life, but the voices in my head often get in the way of that.