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Wordless Wednesday – Mt. Hope Cemetery Lantern Tour

Rescue Dogs!

New York – Rochester

So, the fantastic news is that Wooftown Rescue has found a home for  Chandler, one of the dogs I sponsored!

Liza (above), my other sponsor dog, is still in need of a foster or forever home.  She needs to go to a family without young kids or other pets, but according to her current foster mom, she’s super sweet and would make a wonderful jogging buddy.  She’s two years old, and only about 40 pounds, so if you’re looking for big dog attitude but don’t have the space for a big dog, she’d be a wonderful fit.  I believe she’s currently in a foster situation with other dogs and would be happier as the only pet.  So if you’d like to have a dog, but aren’t sure you can commit long-term, hosting Liza until she finds a forever home might be a great way to go.  She’s available without an adoption fee.

New York – Buffalo

Meet Flint.  Flint is a 9 month old male, black German Shepherd Mix.  He was abandoned at the shelter so not sure what his past was like.   Flint is a bit timid when meeting new people….He is friendly with dogs, but a little skittish at first.  Currently, Flint is weighing in about 45 lbs.  He is a very handsome boy.  Flint is fostering with a 1 year old, female German Shepherd and just loves playing with her.  Flint has a very sweet soul.  

You can find more information for Flint here (scroll down).

Texas – Houston

From Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue:
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 60 Pounds
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Savannah was very sick when Second Chance rescued her, but she’s on the mend, going through heartworm treatment and up for adoption at the end of November!  Her foster family says she loves belly rubs and is great with kids and dogs.  Look at those ears!

Colorado – Breckinridge

This is Sophie, a 6 year old collie/aussie mix that is very sweet and shy but will warm up well when she gets to know you! Sophie has been very calm while in the shelter. She was tested with a clam and rambunctious dog, she was fine with both even popped into the play bow position with the rambunctious one. She does well with small and large dogs. Her favorite thing to do go for walks but watch out if there is any body of water near as Sophie will want to lay in it or go swimming in it. She loves the water! While she loves to go for hikes, walks, or runs when it’s time to settle down at the end of the day she will curl up by your side with her head in your lap and stay there. Her coat is very fluffy and long and will need consistent grooming but it is as soft as silk! Please open your heart to this sweet and gentle older girl.
Good with dogs and cats. Older children would be ok, but we are not sure how she will do with young kids as she tends to avoid them.
California – Oakland
Charlie, 15 month old owner surrender, superb with obedience, but needs a calm, stable home with (preferably) one other soft dog to play with, a nice fenced yard (he is not a dog park dog), no children. He is WONDERFULLY sweet, and seems to have gotten past his old fear based issues. He greets and welcomes strangers submissively and sweetly, but his new owner should always be mindful to watch his comfort level and not push him. Charlie needs a gentle, loving, kind owner. Please share and crosspost. He needs a home URGENTLY.

Stupid Cold

I don’t get sick gracefully.  I have little patience for myself when I’m not at 100% and I’m not good at relaxing.  The dreaded lurgy hit our house this week, slowed everything down, and forced us to cancel our super fun weekend plans with our favorite people.

Instead of showing you all what a champion whiner I can be, here are a few things that are cheering me up.

Teeny tiny gluten-free bunny cookies.
I don’t know if it’s helping or not, but it tastes good.
I feel like Siri really gets me.
The flash on my new phone turns Argo into Alien Dog.
And, it’s a terrible picture, but this:

The cat suddenly decided she likes hanging out with the dogs, and I have proof.

(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday – No, Mr. Tea Bag Tag, really, it isn’t.


Stella is not amused

I woke up this morning with a little excess energy, and maybe I had a little more coffee than usual.  Plus, it’s fall.  The dogs definitely have what Bark Magazine calls the “zoomies,” because the air is crisp and clear.  And I think I might have the zoomies a bit myself.

So, this morning, after J left for work, I cranked up The Cure and jumped in the shower and was possibly singing very loudly, and possibly also singing all the instrumental parts in addition to the lyrics and having a grand old time doing so . . . until I got out of the shower and found Stella, lying on the bathroom floor with a look on her face that can best be described as bewildered.

Once she realized I was not having some sort of fit, she sighed and got up and left the room and I swear she shook her head at me as she left.  Okay, so maybe she didn’t shake her head, but I felt her disapproval.  It hung heavy in the air.

I don’t know where she gets off acting all high and mighty.  If I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon rolling around on my back in the yard, I might not be so quick to pass judgement on the goofball activities of others.  She really needs to cut me some slack.  No one sounds normal when they’re singing The Cure.  No one.  Not even you.

What’s on your playlist today?

#DogKarma Winner + Your Favorite Rescues!

It’s been so much fun hearing getting to learn more about you and your pets this week!  The love we have for the animals in our lives is such a beautiful thing and it’s so touching to hear stories of just how much animals mean to us.

Thank you all for entering and sharing and tweeting about rescue dogs and doing everything you do to help dogs in need.

I put all the entries into a big spreadsheet and used a random number generator to pick a winner, and the winner is:


Kay tweeted:

 #DogKarma This is Agnes, We are going to meet her Tues. to see if she’s a good fit w/our chi, Emma :)

And, behold the cuteness of Agnes!

Congratulations, Kay!  I hope Emma and Agnes get along well and it all works out!
Last Monday,  I asked for your favorite local rescue in comments and I wanted to post the rescues you mentioned here.
If you’re planning to bring a new dog into your family, I hope you’ll research your local rescues.
I’d also like to give a huge thank you to the generous sponsors of this contest.  

They are all companies who go above and beyond to create quality products and give back to their communities, and I’m very thankful for their contributions to the #DogKarma contest. 

Enter to win! #DogKarma Sponsor: earthdog


The earthdog Hemp Martingale Collar was one of my favorite dog products of 2007, over at  And you know what?  It’s still one of my favorite dog products.  Argo has had his collar since July of 2007 and it’s still in fantastic shape!

We’re such big fans of earthdog, that when we adopted Stella we got her an earthdog collar too.  Argo has the Dietrich, and Stella has the Astrid, if you’re curious.

Made from hemp, these collars are super durable, resist smells, and wear nicely.  They’re machine washable, but I can’t say I wash them very often, since they don’t seem to get very dirty and they don’t pick up that doggie smell.

About earthdog:

Dave and Kym Colella started earthdog fourteen years ago, when they realized that the homemade collars they created for their dogs could have a broad appeal.

“with your support we continue to strive to create unique, eco-conscious products that dogs and people alike will love. hemp, with its amazing versatility, has enabled us to create an entire product line of eco-friendly, durable goods that we are proud to offer. we gather our inspiration from our pack, 15 strong, and they never let us down. they’re all rescues from various walks of life and its misfortunes, and one way or another, have found their way to us. you’ll find their names on our collar patterns and their images throughout our line (you’re also likely to hear them barking when you call us). 

at the end of the day, the cornerstone of our company remains the love of our dogs and the enrichment they add to our lives. we’re once again reminded who and what we are: a family with a family business. we trust that the dogs in your life will enjoy these offerings as much as ours do.”

earthdog is a carbon neutral company in Brentwood, TN.  All products are handmade in the USA.  10% of earthdog profits go to Kody’s Fund, a program to help fund spay & neuter programs.

Each collar is named after a special pup, and you can meet the dogs behind the collars here.

earthdog has been so kind to donate a Reilley Martingale “Rescued Dog” Decorative Hemp Collar to the #DogKarma Prize Pack!

It’s pictured above as an adjustable collar, so below is a photo of what the martingale style looks like.

You can follow earthdog on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter (Kym, Dave).

You can learn more about adopting their current foster dog, Violet, here.

This post is a part of the #DogKarma Prize Pack to encourage dog rescue!  But you don’t need to rescue a dog to enter!  If you’re not planning to adopt a rescue dog in the near future, you can still enter.  If you win, the Good Karma necklace is yours to keep, and we hope you’ll donate the dog goods to your local rescue to help them with their amazing efforts to help dogs find forever homes.
To enter:
  • Leave a comment below and tell me what dog product you can’t live without!
  • For an extra entry, post or tweet about a rescue dog in your area who needs a home, (use the hashtag #DogKarma) then come back and post a link to the entry.  A sample tweet is here


Enter to win! #DogKarma Sponsor: A Barkers Dozen

This summer I had a blast doing a STAY event at A Barkers Dozen in Webster, NY, and Argo and Stella were thrilled when I came home with hand-made gourmet dog treats for them.

A Barker’s Dozen is such a great addition to the community in the greater Rochester area.  They do fun bring-your-dog events to benefit local dog rescues and charities.  And they have the most adorable dog treats.  If you’re in Rochester, you can bring your dog to the store for a visit, but if you’re not in Rochester, your dog can still enjoy A Barkers Dozen treats from their online store.

And, to support #DogKarma, A Barkers Dozen is donating $40 worth of hand decorated dog treats to the prize pack!

About A Barkers Dozen:

“A Barkers Dozen™ is a one-of-a-kind dog bakery located in Rochester, NY that specializes in hand-made gourmet dog treats customized to your specifications. We offer fully customized treats for those special events to help you stand out including logo treats and custom cookie cutters.

 All of our treats are wheat, corn and soy free and are made using only human-grade ingredients and rolled to a thick 3/8″. Everything is made to order using the freshest ingredients — ensuring they not only look beautiful, but taste great too!”

You can follow A Barkers Dozen on Facebook and Twitter.
This post is a part of the #DogKarma Prize Pack to encourage dog rescue!  But you don’t need to rescue a dog to enter!  If you’re not planning to adopt a rescue dog in the near future, you can still enter.  If you win, the Good Karma necklace is yours to keep, and we hope you’ll donate the dog goods to your local rescue to help them with their amazing efforts to help dogs find forever homes.
To enter:
  • Leave a comment below telling me about your pet’s favorite food.  If you don’t have a pet, tell me about your favorite food.
  • For an extra entry, post or tweet about a rescue dog in your area who needs a home, (use the hashtag #DogKarma) then come back and post a link to the entry.  A sample tweet is here
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