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Clark Griswold has nothing on me.

Western New York is a windy, windy place, especially in November.  The grocery stores have high wind warning signs in the parking lot asking customers to corral their shopping carts, it’s not unusual to find your garbage can in your neighbors yard, and some days, it feels like the whole house might pick up and blow away.
After a morning of finishing up a bunch of odds and ends, I’d finally settled into writing.  I had my coffee, water, and snacks lined up.  The ringer was off on my phone, and the perfect writing music was playing on iTunes.  Then I heard glass breaking in the garage.
I’d forgotten to close the back door to the garage when I let the dogs in after their morning outing.  The wind was blowing so hard that the storm door must have come unhooked and when it slammed shut, the bottom panel broke, throwing slivers of shattered glass at least five feet in either direction onto the garage floor and the back patio.  Since the wind was still blowing the broken glass around, and that’s the door the dogs use to go outside, there was no getting to it later.  I said goodbye to my perfect cup of steaming hot coffee, threw on my big old baggy yard work jeans and my old running shoes and went to work.  And it sucked.  Hard.
I got glass in my shoe.  I came face to face with a really big spider.  The shop vac smelled like something had died in it.  As I was gagging over the smell and trying to vacuum the glass out of the door frame, the storm door blew shut again and hit me in the head.  Hard.
My big old baggy yard work jeans weren’t staying up without a belt, but since my hands were covered in disgusting shop vac dust, I didn’t want to touch anything, let alone hoist them up, so I was just short of mooning the garage door.  I comforted myself with the thought that someone would actually have to be looking directly into our garage windows to see me, which I decided was highly unlikely . . . and then I heard the daily collection of bills and ad circulars fly through the mail slot (no pun intended) at the front of the garage.  So if the mail lady happened to peek in the window while she was delivering the mail, I’m pretty sure she got a show.  Then while I was making sure there weren’t any slivers of glass in the yard, I stepped in dog poop.  And I couldn’t help but think, I’ve seen this movie before.
I would like Chevy Chase to play me.  Or maybe Ben Stiller. . .

I like making lists better than cooking turkeys.

  • I cook a turkey breast once or twice a month for sandwiches, etc.  At this point, roasted turkey doesn’t feel all that special anymore, and you all know how me and holidays and tradition aren’t things that naturally fit together neatly in a nice pretty little package.  So, instead of spending days slaving over a hot stove to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, we’re opting for a random mix of favorite foods we rarely get to eat.  Yes, there will be haddock (for me, at least).  And pumpkin pie. . . but not because it’s Thanksgiving, just because I like it.
  • While I’m not all “Yesss!!!! Holidaysssss!!!!!!” I’m very excited that I’ll get to see some of my favorite people this weekend.
  • I was going to record another reader question video yesterday, but it was WAY too dark in my office, even with all the lights on.  It’s not a daylight savings time issue, it’s a Rochester doesn’t get enough sun in the winter issue.  I’ll have to check the forecast and cross my fingers for some brighter days next week and try again.  Stay tuned, and send questions!
  • I think I’m seriously going to order some sunlight lamps this year.
  • Do you remember that episode of Northern Exposure when everyone got addicted to light therapy? 
  • One of my book club friends told me about her Jazzercise class, and I’m actually going to go.  Be afraid.  Or at least prepared for tales of me publicly humiliating myself.  
  • I am not pregnant.  On the Facebook page for STAY, I linked to a post mentioning STAY at Barnes & Noble Book Clubs by the lovely Lisa Steinke.  Lisa, is pregnant, and wrote about being in the last few weeks of her pregnancy in the beginning of the post.  You know how when you post a link on Facebook, the first paragraph of a post shows up?  Can you see where this is going?  I’ve gotten a few congrats e-mails and even a call from a friend who was a little confused as to why I’d announce something like that to Blogland before I gave her a call.  So, please send your warmest congratulations to Lisa, because she is both wonderful AND actually expecting. 
  • I had a dental appointment yesterday, but drove to the dermatologist instead.  Thankfully, I realized my mistake before I walked into the dermatologist’s office, sexy nighttime mouthguard in hand.
  • My brain is very occupied by my next project.
  • Stella learned how to drink out of my water glass when I’m not looking.  She taught Argo, too.
  • Bones is my latest TV show fix, but because of the high ick factor and my low ick tolerance, I can’t watch it while I’m eating, before I go to bed, or while I’m cooking, which is limiting.  Thank goodness for wireless headphones, so I can watch while I’m vacuuming.  Temperance Brennan is such a great character.  I love how she is somewhat detached and completely socially awkward, but still so likable.  
  • Seriously, guys!  Jazzercise.  Me.  I was a liability in my preschool dance class, and it was all downhill from there.  
  • Two words: Wii Wakeboarding.
What’s on your list?

Reader Question #1

Katie asked how I find time to write. Hope this helps!

Signed Copies of STAY!

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me how to get a signed copy of STAY either for themselves or as a holiday gift for someone on their list, so I went to chat with my friends at the Greece Barnes & Noble. We’ve worked out a two step process to make it happen.

1. Call the Greece, NY Barnes & Noble at 585-227-4020 and tell them you’d like to order a signed copy of STAY. Make sure to let them know that you want it signed, so they don’t ship it out immediately. They’ll take you through the order process.
2. E-mail me at info at to let me know that you’ve ordered a book from the Greece B&N store. Include details about who you’d like me to sign the book to, and anything specific you’d like me to write.
That’s all! They’ll hold on to the book, and I’ll run down (well, I won’t actually run, because it’s cold outside!) and sign it for you. I’ll reply to your e-mail to tell you when I’ll be in the store next, so you’ll know when to expect your book. And, in all honesty, I will take any excuse I can find to stop by the bookstore, so it won’t be more than a day or two.
There’s a $3.99 charge for shipping, and if you’re ordering by phone you can only ship to the billing address for your credit card. If you go to the Greece B&N to order a book in person, you can have it shipped to a different address. And if you have a B&N member card, be sure to let them know when you call.

And the winner is . . .

The winner of the STAY photo contest is The Wander, who submitting this photo from Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Congratulations!!!! And a huge huge thank you to everyone who entered! It’s been so much fun to see your fabulous photos!

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