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Book Tour!!!!

Well, STAY will be on the shelves ONE WEEK FROM THIS THURSDAY!!! And I plan to go to visit my bookseller buddies on June 10th to buy a copy of STAY, even though I have a copy (because how could I not?). And yes, I will probably cry and embarrass myself when I see my book on the shelf (because how could I not?).

One week from Friday (June 11th) is the kick off of my book tour! I’ll be doing events in:
  • Rochester, NY
  • Seattle, WA
  • Holland, MI
  • Denver, CO
  • Hamilton, NY
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
Check out the events page on the website for full event details! I’m so excited, and I hope I’ll get to see you while I’m traveling around this summer! What is a book tour if not a wonderful way to finally meet blog friends in person!
Friday was a truly incredible day. I got an e-mail with the subject line “ALLIE — BUY A COPY OF PEOPLE MAG!!!!!”
STAY made the book section of People Magazine!!!
So, of course, I ran out to Wegmans and bought a handful of copies. And I then sat in my car and e-mailed pictures of it to J.
Then I remembered that we were out of milk and had nothing for lunch, so I had to go back in. But I have to say, running back in for milk didn’t dampen the excitement of seeing Argo & the STAY cover in People Magazine or reading that People called STAY a feel-good debut! Not even a little bit.


I’m over at The Divining Wand today, talking about my favorite songs, burp-talking, and Jello-phobia. Check it out!

Argo has been chewing at a spot on his leg where he had a cyst. The cyst is totally benign, and it was getting better, but he will not leave it alone (which is not uncommon behavior for German Shepherds – they’re a little obsessive sometimes). And since “It won’t get better if you keep picking at it,” makes little sense to a dog we resorted to putting the e-collar on him.

Unfortunately, Argo in an e-collar strikes fear in the heart of Stella even more than cardboard boxes do, so our household has been a little off-kilter lately. Argo in an e-collar also strikes weird little bruises into the backs of my legs and makes a tremendous amount of noise when he runs around the house banging it into walls (I swear he likes the sound).
So, I discovered this odd inner-tube like contraption at the pet store. It was fantastic. Stella wasn’t afraid of it. Argo didn’t mind wearing it, he actually seemed to enjoy the benefits of wearing a travel pillow everywhere he went.

It didn’t make noise, and it didn’t hurt when he rammed it into the backs of my legs. Plus, it was just plain funny. He looked like he was about to go on a sailing excursion.
But, being the brilliant dog he is, Argo figured out that if he scratched at his inner tube until the seam was below his neck, he could pry it apart a bit and manage to lick the spot on his leg. So, we’re back to the e-collar. . . I hear weird leg bruises are totally in style this summer. :)

Excerpts, Audio Clips, and iBooks! Oh, my!

Oh my goodness, it’s getting close to the pub date! Every time I look at the calendar I get the same kind of fluttery feeling in my stomach I get when J and I approach the top of one of the High Peaks (except Whiteface). We are almost there!!!!

And things are happening. Like this:
  • Allison Winn Scotch included STAY in her list of debut summer reads last week!!! Few things in life feel as amazing as being mentioned by an author you completely and totally admire (or being mentioned in such amazing company)! I’ve been on cloud nine since I saw her post!
  • There’s new stuff up on the website! If you visit the Book page, there are links to the audio book clip of the prologue for STAY, the first chapter, and a reading group guide (which you probably shouldn’t read until you’ve read the book). And, if your book club reads STAY and would like me to call in, Skype, chat online, or answer group questions by e-mail, there’s more information on the Contact page.
  • If you read the first chapter and are dying for just a little bit more, check out STAY at iBooks, where there’s a longer excerpt available for iPad users.

Oh, and I went to B&N this weekend to buy a copy of Diamond Ruby by @Joe_Wallace. I was practically skipping in the store, because going to the bookstore to buy a book by one of your Twitter friends is such a cool feeling. I’ve been following Joe’s book journey for a long time now, and it was amazing to actually pull his book off the shelf (I’m not just a writer, I am a complete book nerd!). While I was there, trying my hardest not to skip in public, I stopped in the cafe to grab a lemonade and came face to face with . . . my face!

I don’t think my brain was even completely able to make sense of it. I’ve thought about how it will feel to walk into the bookstore and see my book on the shelves, but I still have a few weeks, and it simply hadn’t occurred to me that there would be signs!
The man in line in front of me kept looking at the sign. I stood there, trying hard not to watch him. It’s a little odd to catch someone staring at a sign with your face on it, but I think it might be even more odd to catch someone staring at you while you’re staring at a poster with their face on it. So, I looked at the scuff marks on my shoes, studied a hangnail, and read the back cover of Joe’s book again. I tried really hard to think of something to say when the man eventually turned around realized that the picture he’d been looking at was the person standing behind him. I drew a complete blank, which turned out to be just fine. He finished checking out and looked directly at me as he walked past, but there wasn’t the slightest hint of recognition on his face. I think there’s a lot to be said for context, and not seeing what isn’t expected. Or maybe he was just zoning out in the general direction of the event poster. Either way, it made for one of the most surreal moments of my life thus far.
We are almost there!!!