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Thankfully, I will not be doing the translating. :)

So, STAY is going to be a book in Italy too!!!


I still can’t get over the fact that STAY is getting published in the United States, (over six months since the deal was announced and I’m still pinching myself) so this is just . . . amazing!

From Publisher’s Weekly – it’s under Penguin, if you go to the article (which is a great write up of books up for foreign sale at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, btw):

“From Dutton, there’s Allie Larkin’s novel Stay, about a woman who mends her broken heart with some canine love from a German shepherd; the June 2010 title has sold in Italy.”

And, no matter how many times I check the link and read it again, my name is still there.

I have to run to the store to pick up something for dinner. You know I’m going to start crying in Wegmans again. :)

Manticores are kind of scary.

J and I aren’t as cute as Erin and Ted (few people are), and will probably never sing a song for you on camera (unless we’re incredibly inebriated, yet still somehow able to operate the camera and post effectively). But, like Erin and Ted, we have a habit of making up new lyrics to old songs.

Our recent composition came to fruition a few days ago, while we were sitting on the couch with our laptops being nerdy.

To the tune of “You Sexy Thing.”

J: I believe in manticores. Where you from? You sexy thing.
Me: I believe in manticores. But it’s kind of hard, since they don’t exist.
J: (Laughing) I especially like the part where you say you believe in them, but then you admit they don’t exist.
Me: It’s the same way I feel about Bigfoot.
J: Nice.

We go back to work for awhile.

Me: What’s a manticore?
J: I have no idea.


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