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Because I don’t have enough on my plate . . .

I’m starting marathon training.

Now, don’t get all excited. I don’t actually have any plans to run a marathon in the near future. I simply need some goals and a structure for building my strength and endurance.

I used to run seven miles a day, five or six days a week. It was hell on my joints, and I eventually gave up. But then I discovered barefoot running, and have dabbled in running on and off ever since, without any joint pain. (Warning: You HAVE to work on your stride before you can go back to, or begin, a running regimen with barefoot running).

When I working on revisions for my book, I knew I needed to get more serious about exercise. Writing is a very sedentary activity. I also tend to get the munchies when I’m working on a particularly difficult scene and my brain starts concocting avoidance techniques that usually involve things like chocolate, Sharkies, red bean and rice chips, and peanut butter chocolate soy “ice cream”. So, now, more than ever, I need to keep my health and activity levels in check. I also find that running does wonders for my mental health. It’s a great way to clear my head and boost my mood.

J came across a marathon training schedule, and I decided to jump in and give it a go. I’m in week one. I don’t know that I’m concerned with graduating past the build-up schedule. I think that’s something I’ll determine when I hit week 19. But I’m loving the idea of being able to run ten miles without dying, and I think that’s a reasonable and healthy fitness goal.

Anyone want to join me?

Good fences really do make good neighbors!

So, the fence is up, and I have to say, it has done wonders in quelling my neighbor-related angst. It’s also made having two German Shepherds so much easier (except when they are outside and it starts raining, and we don’t realize it, and they decide to mud wrestle in the garden and then run through the house).

Argo has pretty much said, “Hey, it was nice knowing you, but I have a yard. . .” That dog can spend all day lying in the shade sniffing the breeze. He is blissfully happy.

Stella, on the other hand, was more excited about all the attention she gets when Argo is outside. If she did go outside, she had to come in to check on me every five minutes. We’ve just been leaving the door open so they can come and go as they please. Then J shut the door and left them outside for about ten minutes the other day, (because they were muddy AGAIN and he was trying to keep them from tracking it through the house AGAIN). Stella was traumatized and has now decided she’d rather just stay indoors, preferably with some part of her touching some part of me at all times. She likes to lie on my feet, or sleep with her head on my lap, or walk so close to me that I trip over her. We’re working on it. I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t flattering to be needed so much, especially since my other furry confidant has chosen the yard over me, but I know it’s not healthy behavior, and I so desperately want Stella to be a happy, healthy dog. It breaks my heart that she spends so much time in a state of fear.

I am so thrilled that my view of The Crap Garden has been narrowed. Although, I suspect Mrs. Gnome has been moving her crap up higher into the trees. In defiance? For my benefit? Just because? Who knows! From the kitchen window, I can see several windsocks, a fake owl, and a gaggle of wind chimes over the top of the fence, but, not having to look at the fake deer, assorted mop handles, and all those bowling balls certainly does wonders for my mood.

The weather has been all over the place lately, but Friday was as perfect a day as anyone could ask for. I spent much of it outside working in my new office. And it was lovely.

My Oasis to Rally Upon

Two weeks ago, J and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. I meant to write about it then. I have a hard time writing about the people I love the most. Much in the same way I have a hard time writing out notes in birthday cards. Because, you know, I write. That’s what I do. And I feel like people always expect me to be super eloquent with what I write – to have the right words. But when it comes to the people I love, everything gets so jumbled up in my emotions, and I don’t feel like anything I write could do them justice.

Peter Mulvey has a song called “Words Too Small to Say,” and he’s talking about depression, but I think that concept applies to great happiness too. How could I ever find the right words I describe how I feel about the most important person in my life – the greatest, most amazing man I’ve ever met – the person who is part of everything I do and everything I am? J has made my dreams come true and supported me and loved me way beyond what I thought was even possible. How do you put words to the nuances of feelings, the comfort in quiet moments together? There’s that feeling when you go out into the world and know you have a home that isn’t about place or space or a roof over your head. It’s about having someone to come home to. And the right words for that are too big or too small or don’t exist at all.

We got married in Jamaica. It was awesome. It was simple and easy, and exactly what we wanted it to be. We wrote our own vows. I told J he wasn’t the man of my dreams, because before I met him, I didn’t have the courage to dream of anyone so amazing, and it’s true. Never, in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this is what marriage means. I am still in awe of him.

Our song was the Redbird version of Lovely as the Day is Long. It was a last minute pick, and I’m not sure we know all the words, but there’s a line that says, “Find an oasis to rally upon.” That’s what J is. He’s my oasis. Those are the best words I have.