3Ws – Cassie Jaye


What do you create?

I create documentary films, as well as scripted films, music videos and other videos that ignite creative inspiration in me, but I believe my life’s purpose (at least at this stage in my life) is creating documentaries, often about topics that other people are too afraid to tackle.


Why do you create?

I create documentaries because I believe everyone has a story to tell. I love watching documentaries because there are so many layers and so many unknowns; it’s like trying to solve a mystery. You have clues, but you also have to fill in many gaps. You can see the person being interviewed, the scenery, and you can hear what is being said, but you have to guess what they are holding back, how the documentarian is making them feel, what happened before their interview and what will happen after. I love seeing what the documentarian chooses to show, and being a documentarian myself I know how much care goes into the editing choices. I love abstract documentaries that take chances, bend the filmmaking rules a bit, trust the audience to pick up on nuance, and documentaries that ultimately tell a truth that is rarely told. That’s why I create, to share those truths.


What do you consume?

I consume chips and salsa like nobody’s business, but it has to be fresh salsa and fluffy chips, not the hard flat kind, but the ones with air bubbles in them. Thanks to my latest documentary “The Red Pill”, I consume many conflicting ideological views on gender that are presented to me through emails, social media, phone conversations, and even strangers in grocery stores. I also consume many hours of cuddling and caring for my forever kitten, Nala (9), and my blind adventurer cat, Romeo (16).



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